About us

Denitsa Art Gallery is located in the downtown of Sofia. The art gallery presents oil paintings, abstract paintings, sculptures, original sculptures, and paintings for gifts for family occasions, weddings, proms, and anniversaries. The gallery presents landscapes in oil and watercolor, paintings, original graphics, and small sculptures for gifts from famous artists. Gift vouchers are also offered.

Denitsa Gallery is a place for paintings, landscapes, icons, and murals. We present oil paintings, oil and watercolor landscapes, painted icons, paintings, and accessories for home and gift.

If necessary and for your specific needs for an interior solution, you will receive competent advice and assistance in designing the space.

If you are hesitating between different paintings or artists, we will provide you with the option for on-site consultation in your home, office for the works of your choice and you will also be able to view the detailed catalogue of the respective artist.

Orders are accepted for custom paintings as well as murals with the client's specific preferences.

You can order a hand-painted icon by classical technology.

For works that are destined for abroad, we provide the necessary documents for crossing the border.

We will help you for a comprehensive interior solution for your home, office, hotel, or restaurant.

Some of the works on offer can be hired for a specific event or a longer period.

The team of www.denigallery.com will contribute to your style and enrich your daily life with the works and projects of the presented artists and designers.

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